The result of table tennis competition

The result of table tennis competition table tennis / The result of table tennis competition

The result of table tennis competition / In the Cross Sports Complex on March 30, 2019, a table tennis championship was held and there were more than 40 participants. The championship was held between members of the club. The goal of the championship was to integrate people into the sport.  At the end of the game, an award ceremony was held. We are thankful to all the participants of the championship and congratulate the winners.

Men’s Championship

1st place Grigoryan Zhora
2nd place Stepanyan David
3rd place Barsamyan Gurgen

Women’s Championship

1st place Stepanyan Lusine
2nd place Mariam Beglaryan
3rd place Esther Avagyan
Every year in a cross-sport complex took part table tennis competition among with visitors

About Table Tennis

Interesting facts about table tennis.
It is not known for certain how the word “tennis” appeared, but historians and linguists have several plausible options. For example, there is a possibility that 10 people used to play tennis, 5 people each in a team, and that’s why the name came from because in English “ten” is ten. Others claim that the name comes from the French word “tenez” – to keep.

Now let’s talk about the most interesting facts from the world of ping pong.
Table Tennis

1.  Tennis was invented after the advent of tennis. The playing field was moved to the table, rackets and balls decreased in size.

2. Historians do not have reliable facts about the place where table tennis appeared. Various historical documents indicate several countries, namely China, India and the United States.

3. Initially, this sport was called table tennis, and only in the XX century began to be called ping-pong.

4. The first major competition between professionals took place in 1900. About three hundred players from all over the world came to the competition in the capital of Great Britain.

5.  In 1936, at a competition in Prague, they set a world record . Two athletes exchanged blows without interruption for two hours.

Table Tennis

6.  In 1983, the party recorded a record-long duration; it lasted for 143 hours and 46 minutes.

7.  During the game, the ball can accelerate to 170 km / h.

8.  It would seem that in table tennis the playing space is very small, but despite this, a player can “run” about 7 kilometres during a match.

9.  Numerous studies and tests have shown that ping-pong fans have an excellent reaction, and the game process itself strengthens the athlete’s cardiovascular system.

10. Previously, when there were no balls familiar to everyone, athletes used the usual champagne cork.

Table Tennis

11. The most famous hit “top spin”, which definitely added ping-pong fans and entertainment, appeared only in 1959.

12. Since 1988, this sport has been listed on the Olympic Games.

13. Numerous studies have shown that playing ping pong is more energy-intensive than volleyball.

14. Table tennis has been loved by many prominent historical figures such as Fidel Castro, Ronald Reagan and Mao Zedong.

15. Ping-pong is a very fast game – in minute players strike up to 150 hits.

In our sports complex, you can try your hand at a new hobby, compete with friends and have fun playing a game of table tennis.