The Benefits of Kinesiotherapy Կինեզոթերապիայի դրական կողմերը/ The Benefits of Kinesiotherapy

The Benefits of Kinesiotherapy / Kinesiotherapy- a complex of exercises aimed at the recovery of the body. Kinesiotherapy exercises done in our complex will significantly improve your physical condition and general well-being. We will help you learn to hear the sound of your body and choose the right exercises that suit your condition. Kinesiotherapy is effective in preventing the following diseases.

  1. Spinal Diseases (osteochondrosis, intermediate disc herniation)
  2. Spinal deformities
  3. Arthritis, arthrosis
  4. Nervous system pathologies
  5. Cardiovascular pathologies
  6. Varicose
  7. Chronic vein insufficiency

With our professional specialist’s approach exercises will be maximally effective and will improve the health of your body.