7 Advises To Keep  Skin Sleek Year-Round Skin care

Skin Care

Keeping your skin healthy isn’t a seasonal activity. You should do it all year-round. Keeping your skin well is really keeping yourself healthy.

Skin Care

7 Advises To Keep Skin Sleek Year-Round

Skin care

1. Sunscreen All Year

In summer, you probably don’t leave the house without wearing sunscreen. That’s something you should do year-round, even in the dead of winter. Of course, you should wear sunscreen with a higher sun protection factor level when the weather is hot, but the sun shines all year and its UV rays can damage your skin. Choose the right sunscreen for your skin type. If you’re prone to acne, use an oil-free sunscreen. If your skin is sensitive, choose a mineral-based sunscreen.

2.Use The Right Cleanser

 Use the right cleanser for your skin type. An anti-bacterial cleanser helps keep acne at bay, but that’s too strong for sensitive skin. Use separate cleansers for your face and body. Watch your skin in the morning and evening, but not more often unless you’ve actually gotten dirty. Too much washing dries out your skin and redness. That’s generally true even for people with very oily complexions. 

3. Don’t Sleep Before Washing Your Face

Always wash your face before going to bed. That’s true whether or not you’re wearing makeup. No matter how tired you feel, just make that effort to wash the day’s impurities off your face. Even if you can’t quite get through your entire nighttime skin regimen on some evenings, use a cleanser and toner.

4. Eat Right

Healthy skin reflects a healthy body, so a good diet is a mainstay of skincare. Avoid sugary and junk foods, and eat plenty of fruits, veggies and fatty fish, such as salmon or sardines. These fish are full of skin-nourishing omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Drink Water

While the recommended eight glasses per day are not practical for most people, try to drink several glasses daily. When you’re thirsty, make water your go-to drink rather than any other beverage. Water keeps your skin hydrated and filters out toxins

6. Don’t Touch Your Face

Your hands have all kinds of germs and bacteria on them. Touching your face can inadvertently lead to skin infections.

7. Moisturizer and Night Cream

Keep your skin hydrated by using a moisturizer during the day and a night cream at bedtime. Even if your skin tends toward the oily, it still needs moisture. You’ll need an oil-free, non-comedogenic type.

Skin care