Swimming Pool  Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is considered to be the indivisible part of health – improving programs in modern fitness clubs. Modern sports centres offer a wide range of training courses in the swimming pool. The most effective and popular of which is aqua aerobics. Many women do think that the swimming pool helps to lose weight quickly and effectively. In practice, the proponents of these opinions are not quite right.

Pieces of training in the water really promote the burning of calories. But it is not enough to release from the hypodermic fat. In the water this fat helps to fight against supercooling, therefore after a course of aerobics hypodermic layer is not reduced significantly after a course of aerobics. It is possible to burn fat effectively only by regular long swimming (2 – 3 km).
Anyway, swimming in the pool is more preferable than doing gymnastics out of the water. The reason lies in the fact that in the water it is possible to develop and to strengthen the muscular system faster because there are fewer loads in the water and you can do exercises longer and more intensive.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is indicated for those who have spinal problems as the body takes a horizontal position during swimming, as a result of which the muscles and the joints become weaker. It helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and muscles, improves blood circulation and the body’s supply of oxygen with required reserves.

The swimming is very efficient for the nervous system, here the effect of the massage in water is very important.
Proven that swimming prevents insomnia, improves the brain functions, regulates the emotional state, and increases the immunity of the body and receiving a large amount of energy you are released from the chronic fatigue.
Attending the swimming pool you acquire beautiful shape, health, beauty and good mood.
Cross sports complex is the only one in Armenia, which has two (25×14) swimming pools (indoor and outdoor).
The swimming pools serve not only for the active rest lovers but also for therapeutic purposes.
Water filtering and cleaning are performed in 24 hours with German equipment.
There are bar-cafes on the territory of the swimming pools.