Sharco shower is named after a French neurologist and psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot, who came up with this shower. It sprang like a medical procedure that restores blood flow. Improves the immune system, so take a shower it was only possible in the hospitals, and only by a physician-therapist. But now offer this service rehabilitation centres. Beauty and spa salons, calling it a therapeutic, preventive and cosmetic, and even occasionally advertised “home shower Sharco”.

But do not fall for ads and forget about the origin of the procedure: either at home or in the salon it is better not to take a magical shower, because it must be appointed by a specialist who calculates the duration and intensity of separate procedures and the entire course as a whole (this is determined individually).

Sharco shower – a shower with a “shock” of the water jet with a reduced zone of influence. There are two streams (jets) – hot water (up to forty degrees) and cold (twenty degrees). Such a contrast gives a great therapeutic effect. – Increases blood flow to all organs improves the function of blood vessels. The shower also has restorative and tonic effect promotes deducing of slags from the body.


This procedure looks like this. You are standing at a distance of 3-3.5 m from the remote control, at first you are poured from all sides of the fan jet of water. Then the compact jet at a pressure of 4 atmospheres affect the limbs, back and side surfaces of the chest, massaging thus different “problem” areas, thighs, buttocks, back and stomach. During this procedure, the skin reddens, which is caused by the pressure and water temperature. The duration of the procedure is 1-5 minutes. A full course of treatment includes 15-20 procedures.

Shower Sharco has a lot of virtues. The use of complex medical shower stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system (eliminating the lack of active oxygen in the tissues and blood). Thermal and mechanical irritations of the skin cause the improvement of blood – and lymph circulation. And thus the nutrition of tissues, stimulate metabolism and promote more rapid resorption of inflammatory foci. So very often, doctors recommend shower Sharco at obesity (in combination with a low-calorie diet). And those who simply want to quickly get rid of extra kilos or to correct shape. Also, Sharco is a great helper in the fight against cellulite because it increases the metabolic energetic processes and splits fats.

Shower Sharco

The doctors often recommend this shower at functional diseases of the nervous system, as well as an “antidepressant” because it raises the tone and mood. Shower Sharco also helps to relieve tension from the muscles of the spine. It is prescribed for the treatment of internal organs’ diseases, at gout, as well as the consequences of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the joints, muscles and tendons.

A separate “sphere of activity” of Sharco shower. prevention. It is considered that it is useful for all, especially after physical exercises, sports training, when the muscles are tense. But due to the message, they become more elastic, the outflow and inflow of blood are improved. Therefore, in this case, the most optimal variant is – to take a shower Sharco regularly after training in the fitness club, for example, three times a week, it invigorates, improves mood and increases working efficiency.

Although, there is a number of limitations for taking a shower Sharco. For example, they include varicose veins, although in this case, the affected area cannot be simply massaged. Contraindications: severe cardiovascular pathology, skin diseases, when water load causes deterioration of the state and pregnancy. In the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, Sharco is usually prescribed in combination with hydromassage or baths with various additives (mineral sea salt, rose petals, etc.) and other courses of SPA-procedures.