Sauna  Sauna

The modern advertising often assures us that perspiration (sweat) is a negative fact. On the TV screen, you can see advertising stocks, which make us buy different kinds of antiperspirants. Naturally, anybody will agree that the smell of sweat isn’t acceptable in public places. But we should remember about the important role of the sweat and its role for human health.

The perspiration is one of the main functions of the human body like a need for food and breathing. This biological function is the way of regulation of body temperature by releasing from excessive heat. In addition to heat releasing, the sweat serves also for the removing of the biological wastes. Therefore, the skin is often called the “third kidney”. Your body is released from different toxins through a variety of metabolic processes, one of which is urination, and another – sweating. The kidneys filter wastes from the blood and remove them with water. The sweat glands produce sweat, which consists of water, salts, organic compounds, fat components of urea and other wastes.


Consequently, in the interests of your health, the goal should not be to block off sweat pores, but on the contrary – to improve the perspiration. And it is desirable that this process occurs in a controlled environment, which is isolated from the impact of any threats.

What could be better than a sauna, which always maintains everything necessary for intensive sweating and is sufficient to isolate the body from the harmful influence of microbes?
The temperature in a traditional Finnish sauna is about 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit, in the infrared about 75-135 degrees. They work fundamentally in different ways but both are suitable for efficient perspiration.

The using of high temperature has a number of advantages, as it reduces the toxins and hard metals – lead, quicksilver, zinc, nickel and cadmium of your body. In a sauna, the intensive sweating may help to clean out body from other compounds such as nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid and cholesterol. Due to improved blood circulation, the regular sauna procedures bring to improvеment of the surface, elasticity and tone of the skin.
Many specialists insist that the sauna can help in the treatment of cellulitis.
You should be careful. You should be aware of certain conditions and restrictions relating to your health.
You should discuss everything with your doctor to make sure that the sauna procedures aren’t contraindicated for you.