Massage  Massage

This procedure is the dosed mechanical impact on the different parts of the body, which is carried out by the masseur’s hands.

The effect of the body massage is based on the process of neuro-reflected, humoral and mechanical impacts.

Neuro-reflected mechanism – The essence of neuro-reflected mechanism is the irritation of numerous cutaneous, tendinous, ligamentous, muscular, vascular and nerve endings, which contributes to the functional changes of various systems.

This procedure is an effective method of treatment and rehabilitation of working capacity, relieving fatigue, prevention of various diseases, recovery of the organism.

Humoral mechanism – Under the influence of massage highly active substances are activated in tissues, which form hormones. While being in the skin, under the influence of massage they pass into the active state, are absorbed into the blood and spreading throughout the body influence specifically.

Mechanical impact –also has a mechanical impact directly onto the skin, muscles and other tissues, stimulates the tropism, tone, influences on the functional activity of organs and tissues effectively.

Massage is currently one of the most common and effective non-medicamental methods of treatment.

Massage has a direct influence both on the receptors located on the surface of the human body and the deeper structures (muscles, blood vessels, internal organs). Properly chosen technique improves blood circulation and lymph outflow of the internal organs and tissues, stimulates the release into the blood of biologically active substances that increase the body’s defences.