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Gym and Diet / I think in your life you’ll at least once heard people say that training in the gym gives no result. The only reason for that is processing the wrong training program. The problem is that there is fitness equipment that when you use them, you lose weight only when you do that certain exercise, for example when doing cardio. The result is completely different when using power equipment. You’ll lose calories faster even after doing exercises that strengthen your power. But this doesn’t mean that for getting the result you only need to use power equipment. To get effective training you should follow some steps.

Gym and Diet

Gym and Diet

I think in your life you’ll at least once heard people say that training in gym gives no result.

Gym and Diet

1. The training programme should contain 2-3 pieces of training per week.
2. You should start your training with warm-ups, which will help to warm your muscles.
3. Training should contain both cardio and power exercises.
4. You should work with all muscles, mostly paying attention to problematic parts.
5. Circular training helps you lose weight.
6. You should end your training with intensive cardio and by loosening your muscles.

If you doubt whether you do the right exercises or use fitness equipment in the correct sequence, you better consult with the trainer. Even if u don’t use personal trainer’s training, you can always ask questions to our trainer, who’ll help you with the right advice.

Regularly training in the gym will, of course, strengthen your muscles, but if u want to lose weight more effective way, you should also add balanced nutrition. This is not the diet you know, because staying hungry especially with physical training is really dangerous for your health. Here is some advice to follow for the right diet.

1. Don’t skip breakfast, because it provides you with energy all day long.
2. Follow 25-50-25 principle. 25% calories for breakfast and supper, 50% for dinner.
3. Use meals rich in protein 2-3 hours after training.
4. Use meals rich in fibre.
5. Get the right amount of fat your body needs by using omega 3 and omega 6, which you can mostly get from fish.
6. 1-1,5 hour after training get fool meal.
7. Use lots of water( 2-2,5 litre).

Don’t forget, for effective training use all muscles, do both cardio and power exercises, combine all this with the right diet and you’ll get the best result ever.