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Sport And Astrology

Sport And Astrology

Sport + astrology: choose a workout by the zodiac sign  Sport And Astrology

Sport And Astrology

Sport And Astrology / It would be great if the horoscope could predict not only the state of affairs for the day but also suggest which workouts would be optimal for you. However, according to experts in astrology, he already knows how to do it.
“Your sign of the sun – the position of the sun on your birthday – actually has a strong influence on what kind of fitness suits you best,” says astrologer Sandra Citron. The expert explains that it is the sun that determines how it is most convenient for you to spend energy, which means that a certain type of training will be more preferable for you.

Sport + astrology

Sport And Astrology

Sport + astrology: choose a workout by the zodiac sign

Aries: Martial Arts

The Aries fire sign is independent, active and loves to win. Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war. And therefore a warlike spirit in the framework of training will be very helpful. Martial arts like karate, aikido, taekwondo, jujitsu, and kickboxing are ideal for Aries, giving them strength, flexibility, speed and the ability to defend themselves. 

Taurus: Powerlifting

It is important for the calves not only to feel good but also to keep their body in shape. Moreover, the latter should be achieved through hard training, which, of course, in the final will give an impressive result. Taurus maybe a little stubborn, but they just have to start doing something so that nothing can stop them. A powerlifting is a light form that will help to pour out irrepressible energy with health benefits. And at the same time enjoy a toned body after several months of training.

Twins: Group Activities

Gemini is an extremely social sign to which even training with a personal trainer will not replace the pleasure received during group classes. Gemini needs to be surrounded by people, but in addition, they tend to be constantly distracted – the diversity of group classes helps them maintain concentration  and interest                                                                                                                  

Crayfish: Yoga

The sign of Crayfish is controlled by the Moon, so the main thing for him is emotions. At the same time, Crayfish pay attention to the connection of mind and body – and this is what they are able to give them yoga classes. Asanas and meaningful breathing will help Crayfish gain internal stability and balance its emotions, providing a full-fledged training of the whole body. Plus, meditation practices help them feel calm and completely happy.

Leo: Game Sports

Lions do not always have the patience in the gym, but they know for sure that they need to keep their health and their body in the first-class shape. The best decision? Game sports. It will be training with a dog in a specialized area, football in the yard or volleyball with colleagues, Leo will enjoy the process and feel like a child. In other words, any workouts that are more like entertainment are suitable for him.

Virgo: Pilates

Structure and accuracy, peace of mind and efficiency – in terms of details, process and result, Pilates suits Virgo in the best way. Joseph Pilates developed this fitness technique for strengthening and toning the body with maximum efficiency with a minimum of physical costs. Virgos will love these systematic workouts because it seems as if they were created specifically for them.

Libra: dancing                                                                                                                 

Libra is ruled by Venus – the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and relationships. Libra is smart and eager to feel harmony and balance in her body, which is better than anything else dance can provide them with. Lively, diverse, social, and fun is the perfect workout for sensual Libra. Dancing makes this sign feel great and allows you to charge as if from an invisible battery.

Scorpio: Surfing

Scorpio loves to work, even when it comes to fitness. But at the same time, it is important for the representatives of the sign to realize the full power of their power, while simultaneously showing enthusiasm and mastery of one or another skill. In this sense, surfing will be one of the best training options, where Scorpios will have the opportunity to keep everything under control. The winter alternative is a skateboard.

Sagittarius: running outdoors

Sagittarius loves being outdoors, challenging himself and exploring the world. Therefore, it does not at all seem surprising that jogging in the green, strewn with golden leaves or snow-covered park is suitable for the sign. Natural activity helps Sagittarius not to slow down, even when it is very difficult, and an ever-changing landscape will not lose interest. And no treadmill.

Capricorn: climbing

An imitation of climbing to the top of the mountain is ideal training for ambitious Capricorns in all respects. Representatives of this sign are important if you do not touch the goal, then see it, so that upon reaching the peak of the Capricorn will feel as satisfied as possible. At the same time, Capricorns are not afraid of hard work when it comes to new and fairly high achievements. If the climb is difficult to overcome – even better, as this will give Capricorn self-confidence.

Aquarius: circus workouts

Aquarians are not afraid to look a little strange, even if we are talking about sports since they are the most creative innovators. First of all, they do not like to be bored in the gym, so circus training or gymnastics for adults, where bright costumes and self-expression are allowed, will not only allow the sign to keep the body in good shape but will also raise its mood to several levels at once.

Pisces: swimming

Representatives of the most mystical zodiac sign are so fond of being in the water that no sport can provide them with the same pleasure that they get while swimming. This excellent full-body workout, in addition to everything, helps the fish focus on themselves, which is something they lack in real life. Fishes are prone to sensitivity, but they do not express their feelings as often as they would like – in the water they can “find themselves” and return to their cares with renewed vigor.

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