The game called basketball (basket Basketball– basket, ball – a ball) is popular all over the world. Millions of fans with the abated watching match of their favourite teams. Acting in such a powerful organization as the NBA. Do not forget that basketball is included in the Olympic program.

But these are the most interesting facts about basketball we know? It is unlikely that they immediately can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, we present to your attention a selection of amazing facts about this exciting game.



Let’s play basketball

Basketball Let’s play  =ball

1. In 1891, James Naismith, who worked as a teacher in an ordinary college “Springfield”, without knowing it. Came up with a game that is played to this day. It Naismith decided on the field have to run with the ball in his hands and throw it in the hanging basket.

Basketball 2. The most interesting thing about the game, in this case, is that it was invented back in 1891. As an Olympic sport, it was only in 1935. A woman’s view of the game at all lagged behind his predecessors, and only in 1976 appeared in the Olympic program.

Basketball 3. As for rules, they are since the founding of the sport have changed noticeably. Initially, Naismith came up with 13 basic rules. Some historical findings point to the fact that the original before you throw the ball into the net. It should be rolled on the floor.

Basketball 4. Facts about the game never cease to amaze fans and you the third, no less interesting fact. Which tells you about the highest BB player in the history of the game. They became the Libyan Ali Suleiman Nashun, with the growth of 2 meters 45 centimetres.

Basketball 5. American Muggsy Bogues lowest player – 1 m 60 cm.

Let’s play =ball

 6. Basketball player Wilt Chamberlain entered the history of basketball, as the only player with 100 points per game. It happened a memorable event in the distant 1962.

7. The player who was banned from performing in the basketball league. Became Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf refused to stand to listen to the national anthem.

Basketball 8. Fans always an interesting forecast for basketball. Which is the maximum talk in detail about the possible outcome of the two teams? But who invented the three-point shots, which directly affect the team’s victory, few people know. In the NBA they began to be used only in the season 1979-1980 years, and finally, interesting facts. Not to mention the great basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, who came to our list of interesting facts because for his entire professional career has scored only one 3-point.

The game still continues to delight his fans with new interesting facts and basketball players – the beautiful and spectacular game.