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5 Things about fitness

5 Things about fitness

5 things you should not do after training

5 Things about fitness / The sequence of exercises, the pace of training. And the regularity of classes during the week is the most important aspects of the fitness regime. But what you do after the gym is of almost greater importance. Having a significant impact on the results of the work. That is why you should avoid the five things listed below if you want to achieve the maximum result in the minimum terms.

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5 Things about fitness Forget about hydration

As a rule, during training, we do not have enough time to drink enough water. So after training, it is important to drink as much as possible in order to return hydration to the optimal level. In addition, you can think of special fitness shakes. They are able to replenish the level of glycogen in the muscles, as well as electrolytes that affect recovery. However, it is always better to choose organic drink options than those you can find in any supermarket.

Eat fatty foods

Fats slow down the digestion process, so you should not consume them in large quantities after a workout. Instead, experts advise betting on “fast-acting” nutrients that penetrate the bloodstream and deliver to the cells what they need at a given moment. It is, above all, a healthy dose of protein and complex carbohydrates.

Skip stretch

If you exercise regularly, it may seem to you that the muscles are so used to the loads that nothing can bring them out of balance. However, even if you do not feel characteristic muscle pain after a workout, this does not mean that you do not need a stretch. Fitness trainers remind you that even 10-20 seconds of stretching as the final stage of the session are crucial. Otherwise, it can limit your range of motion, and, in addition, increase the body’s susceptibility to injury.

Sit all-day

Of course, you can’t give up sedentary work in the office. But at the same time, you should allow your body to get some more physical activity during the day to start recovery processes. So, you can arrange a walk for 10-15 minutes during the lunch break or, if the weather does not allow the first option, stretch right at your desk. Another great way. Do a little exercise in the morning and evening.

Give up sleep

If the training was really hard, then your body will need time to recover.  At the same time, our body is best restored when we sleep, so you should never forget about a good rest. Feeling tired right after your workout? This is normal. But if you are obviously falling asleep and you have time to sleep for an hour or two, there is no reason not to.