Off-Peak (for Men)

Off-Peak (for Men)




Package Off-Peak (for Men) Package Off-Peak (for Men)

Number of entries – Unlimited
Attending hours: 12:00 – 18:00
Validity period – 30 day

Package Includes Indoor  Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna, Table Tennis, Sports Hall, Group  Training` Aerobics, Yoga.

Regulations of Cross Sport Complex 

The working hours of Cross Sports Complex are from 07:00 to 22:00 every day. The administration of the complex has a right to announce non-working days/holidays, memorial and sanitation days during the year by noticing the members by telephone, email, mail, SMS message in advance.


The administration of the sports complex obliged:

  1. To keep cleanliness in the complex area.
  2. To ensure the work of the massage room on the days appointed by the complex at 15: 00-22: 00.
  3. To provide a package card in case of the card’s loss, within 24 hours after payment of the penalty fee of 2000 AMD by the member.
  4. To save and use personal information and contact information provided by the customers, ONLY for informing customers about news and events of “Cross” Sports Complex.




  1. The card is not suspended for illnesses, business trips and other cases; the suspension service payment is 5000 AMD.
  2. The sports complex does not return the amount for unused visits.
  3. The sports hall is provided according to the schedule.
  4. The water temperature of the swimming pool can range from 26 to 30°C, the air temperature is 25-30°C(depending on the season and the air temperature).
  5. The package work date is 30 days from the moment of activation (from the first visit).
  6. The amount of the package is refundable only in case of availability of cash register receipt (save the cash register receipt)
  7. In the case of returning the card, 5000 AMD is charged from one visit.
  8. Entrance to the GYM and swimming pool is allowed only with appropriate sports uniforms.
  9. In case of a delay in exit time set to 8 or 12 visits, the system automatically reduces 2 visits.
  10. In the case of transferring the card to the second person, the subscription is stopped without a refund.
  11. The Card can’t be returned if more than one visit was made.
  12. The customer cannot use the swimming pool during the cleaning time of the pool: from 11:00 to 12:30 from Mondays to Thursdays, and from 12:00 to 12:30 from Fridays to Sundays.
  13. The customer must pay 3,000 AMD, in case of losing the keys to a dressing room.


It is prohibited:

  1. To pollute the territory of the sports complex.
  2. To damage the equipment of GYM.
  3. To smoke in the sports complex area.
  4. To violate public order, cursing, speaking loudly, interfering with other people.
  5. To visit the sports complex under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  6. To use a swimming pool without appropriate swimwear and swimming cap / in case of long hair.
  7. To enter GYM, Sports hall, tennis hall and aerobic hall with swimwear.
  8. Putting feet on a table or chair.
  9. To leave the children unattended in the territory of the sports complex.
  10. To use the pool and sauna without having a shower.
  11. To use a different types of skin creams while entering indoor or outdoor swimming pools.
  12. To kiss and hug, each other, or disturb other people.
  13. To walk in the pool area without slippers.
  14. To use alcoholic beverages in the sports complex area.
  15. To bring drinks or food into a sports complex.